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Pawprints Greeting Cards, Inc.

Pawprints Greeting Cards, Inc. was a family-owned company with Wally’s then-wife Marcy Tripp at the helm as CEO and Art Director. Wally's parents, Ken and Fran Tripp, started printing Wally's card designs under the banner Hey Nonny Notes in 1970, changing the name to Workshop Press, and finally  Pawprints Greeting Cards, Inc. Marcy took over the business in 1978 and expanded to include international sales, a wide range of gift products and Sparhawk Books. Sparhawk Books was named after the youngest child of the Tripps, Samuel Sparhawk, and published Wallace Tripp's Wurst Seller and Bad Child's Book of Beasts, among others. Wally illustrated over 600 greeting cards, several calendars, coloring books, posters and rubber stamps. Several exceptional illustrators also contributed to the Pawprints line, including Trina Schart Hyman and Lynn Munsinger. A successful company for over 20 years, Pawprints was the first line of greeting cards carried by Barnes and Noble booksellers. Wally's Parkinson's Disease progressed and the company was closed in 1999, selling its remaining stock to Recycled Papers. In 2015, Wally and Marcy's daughter, Loren Tripp, incorporated Pawprints Greeting Cards in California and through the miracle of print-on-demand, has re-launched Pawprints with a limited line of cards and gifts, to be found here!


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