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Wally Tripp illustrated dozens of children's books, and wrote a few, too.  Here is a Bibliography.


  • The Tale of a Pig: A Caucasian Folktale, McGraw 1968

  • A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me: A Book of Nonsense Verse, Little, Brown 1973

  • My Uncle Podger: A Picture Book (based on a passage from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome), Little, Brown 1975

  • Granfa' Grig Had a Pig and Other Rhymes without Reason from Mother Goose (verse), Little, Brown 1976

  • Sir Toby Jingle's Beastly Journey (Junior Literary Guild selection), Coward 1976

  • Rhymes without Reason from Mother Goose, World's Work 1980

  • Marguerite, Go Wash Your Feet! (verse), Houghton 1985

  • Wallace Tripp's Wurst Seller, Sparhawk 1981

  • Rose's Are Red, Violet's Are Blue and Other Silly Poems, Little Brown & Co. 199

Bibliography as Illustrator

  • Reginald B. Hegarty, Rope's End, Houghton 1965

  • Lisa Tsarelka, Stay Away From My Lawnmower, Houghton 1965

  • Ruth Christoffer Carlsen, Henrietta Goes West, Houghton 1966

  • Carlsen, Hildy and the Cuckoo Clock, Houghton 1966

  • Ilse Kleberger, Grandmother Oma, Atheneum 1967

  • Andrew Lang, editor, Read Me Another Fairy Tale, Grosset 1967

  • Katherine E. Miller, Saint George: A Christmas Mummers' Play, Houghton 1967

  • Gerald Dumas, Rabbits Rafferty, Houghton 1968

  • Carlsen, Sam. Bottleby, Houghton 1968

  • Felice Holman, The Holiday Rat, and the Utmost Mouse (short stories), Norton 1969

  • John Erwin, Mrs. Fox, Simon & Schuster 1969

  • Scott Corbett, The Baseball Bargain, Little Brown 1970

  • Tom Paxton, Jennifer's Rabbit, Putnam 1970

  • Rene Guillot, Little Dog Lost, translated by Joan Selby-Lowndes, Lothrup 1970

  • Betty Brock, No Flying in the House, Harper 1970

  • Ferdinand N. Monjo, Pirates in Panama, Simon & Schuster 1970

  • Robert Sidney Bigelow, Stubborn Bear, Little Brown 1970

  • Julian Bagley, Candle-Lighting Time in Bodidalee (folktales), foreword by Alfred V. Frankenstein, American Heritage Publishing Co. 1971

  • Peggy Parish, Come Back, Amelia Bedelia, Harper 1971

  • Victor Sharoff, The Heart of the Wood, Coward 1971

  • Marguerita Rudolph adapter, , The Magic Egg, and Other Folk Stories of Rumania, Little, Brown 1971

  • Peter Hallard, Puppy Lost in Lapland, F. Watts 1971

  • Patricia Thomas, "Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!," Lothrup 1971

  • Miriam Anne Bourne, Tigers in the Woods, Coward 1971

  • Tony Johnston, The Adventures of Mole and Troll, Putnam 1972

  • Cynthia Jameson, adapter, Catofy the Clever (folktale), Coward 1972

  • Liesel Moak Skorpen, Old Arthur, Harper 1972

  • Parish, Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia, Harper 1972

  • Carolyn Lane, The Voices of Greenwillow Pond, Houghton 1972

  • Boris Vladimirovich Zakhoder, The Crocodile's Toothbrush, translated by Marguerita Rudolph, McGraw 1973

  • Malcolm Hall, Headlines, (Junior Literary Guild selection), Coward 1973

  • Johnston, Mole and Troll Trim the Tree, (Junior Literary Guild selection), Putnam, 1974, revised edition 1980

  • Jan Wahl, Pleasant Fieldmouse's Halloween Party, Putnam 1974

  • Robert Fremlin, Three Friends, Little, Brown 1975

  • Ernest Lawrence Thayer, Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic, Sung in the Year 1888 (verse), Coward 1978

  • Hilaire Belloc, The Bad Child's Book of Beasts, revised edition, Sparhawk 1982

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